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Gestion des réservations

In today’s environment, reservations are becoming more and more common in the service industry. With our system, you can easily manage your reservations online and even link them to a Google Calendar for you and your staff members.
Notifications, reminders and auto-emails are all important features we offer to ensure a seamless, reliable reservation system.


Secure payments both online and in store for your, and your clients, piece of mind. Elavon est le fournisseur privilégié de O-Possum Solutions’ pour le traitement sécurisé et fiable des paiements. For more information on Elavon payment systems, click here.


With all of your members and client info in one place, we make it easy to check them in, renew payments, add notes and details and much more. Create a personable environment and increase your client satisfaction by creating scannable cards that your members can scan upon arrival.

GESTIONS D'événements

Your business may host events on occasion and O-Possum makes is easy for you to manage these events with features like online registrations through your website, and more.

Outils de marketing

Link your business email accounts to your online shop for auto-emails, after purchase details, and more. We can link your MailChimp account to your online shop to easily grow your audience. For more information and to create a MailChimp account, click here.

Intégration de site web

O-Possum offers website integration which links your point of sale system to our online shop link that can easily be added to your current website.

This online shop can offer online reservations, purchases, manage inventory, etc. We have created a seamless integration between the website and point of sale system that both you and your clients will love.