Take advantage of all the O-Possum advantages
without breaking the bank

You need help getting started and getting off the ground quickly, here is our deployment support offer:

Promotion at $0


175 $CAD Per month
  • O-Possum point of sale system
  • Dashboard


250 $CAD Per month
  • O-Possum point of sale system
  • Dashboard
  • Ecommerce website




System installation

Importing your RGP database (additional costs for other databases)

Access to template forms (waiver, accreditation, accident)

Hosting your database on the cloud

Online support

Creation of the template for your ecommerce site

Hosting of the online sales platform

Integration of your basic items, party rooms and courses on the ecommerce site

Support on the online ecommerce interface: calendar and addition / modification of items




Secure contactless payments (debit and credit with Elavon)

Pre-authorized payments by credit card or direct debit (requires an account at Paysafe)

Management of members

Management of forms (waiver, accreditation, accident)

Online waiver

Marketing tools

Gift cards

Sales reports

Reconciliation of deposits

Management of inventory

Online reservations

Management of reservations

Online purchases

For customers who are only looking for some of our features, please contact us for our tailor-made solutions.