Implement O-POSSUM into your business


Support during the installation of the system

Our team can guide you during the installation of the software to ensure that all settings have been correctly set and thus minimize deployment time.

Setting up the database on the cloud

We take care of creating your database on the cloud so that it is ready to receive your personalized information and settings.

Support for forms

We provide templates for basic forms like: risk acceptance waivers, accreditations and accidents. We offer support to create personalized forms related to your products.

System user training

You will not be left to your own devices, we support you with the use of the software through our online support page and our real-time CHAT (SLACK).

Importing your database

In most cases, our team will be able to transfer your data from your old system to O-POSSUM. We transfer RGP data free of charge.

Setting up your local server

We suggest setting up a local server to take over in the event of an internet failure.
(Requires the purchase of a PC with 300GB min storage space and network card.)
We can supply the PC, install and configure the database.

Business process automation

The Solutions O-Possum team is multi-disciplinary and can help you solve your information systems problems. You need an application specific to your industry, we can help.

Web site design

Our team will set up your ecommerce platform according to our pre-established templates. Your online store can be personalized with your logo and your own product images. Your first products will be configured and training on adding additional products will be offered. Completely personalized website design is also possible on request.

Ecommerce integration

Your online sales and reservations including gift cards are linked with our O-POSSUM cash register software, thus avoiding back and forth trips between the online store and the point of sale.